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What are the advantages of small-scale enterprises to choose agency bookkeeping?
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Because the relevant departments of the state to small-scale taxpayers account processing management is relatively loose, and small-scale taxpayers in the initial stage of operation is generally small, business contacts are not much. Therefore, many small-scale taxpayer operators are inclined to the bookkeeping tax work to the bookkeeping company to do. General about small-scale taxpayers looking for bookkeeping reasons and benefits, mainly reflected in the following aspects of yongtuo Fu Sen accounting firm xiaobian will take you to see:

1. Save direct personnel costs

Recruit a most common accountant, monthly basic salary wants two thousand three thousand yuan, just graduated accountant also needs about fifteen thousand yuan, accountant every month at least three thousand five thousand yuan, senior accountant, foreign trade accountant and foreign capital accountant cost is higher. Cooperation, pay the cost of less than a general accounting staff, you can enjoy higher quality, more professional tax services, which is one of the main benefits of bookkeeping. At present, bookkeeping agency service fee standards generally five centuries yuan, for the simple verification collection of enterprise is some lower, all in all is according to the nature of the enterprise, the scale, industry, business, whether door-to-door service and customer requirements, as well as the level of customer orientation, accounting bookkeeping company, accounting quality, etc.

2. Good continuity of accounting work

Small scale taxpayer company personnel changes greatly, accounting personnel changes frequently, a little careless, will lead to the interruption of enterprise accounting processing. And the starting point of the agency bookkeeping company is to solve the financial, tax and other problems for the enterprise, there is a professional team for customer service, therefore, even if there is a personnel change, can effectively avoid because of personnel flow caused by work handover errors, accounting processing chaos.

3. Timely and accurate tax declaration

General unit accounting tax declaration such as false report, omission, late report, pay taxes, late fines, fines and other responsibilities and economic losses are still mainly borne by the unit. Agency bookkeeping company has special audit tax returns, can effectively avoid due to unfamiliar with the tax law, false statements, omissions, delays and other errors and losses, but also in the bookkeeping commission agreement agreed in the relevant responsibility.

4. More professional and efficient service

Small-scale taxpayers of financial work, although simple, involving the field is very broad, is not only a simple bookkeeping, tax work, also involves the annual inspection, change registration, etc., and the experience of bookkeeping agency company contain business from all walks of life, to find the perfect solution, and to provide comprehensive, consulting services for clients of accounting procedures, etc.

The above is why small-scale taxpayers want to find bookkeeping and the advantages of bookkeeping agency. It can be said that for small-scale taxpayer enterprises, the advantages of choosing agency bookkeeping are far greater than the disadvantages.