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The business process rules of tax consulting refer to the procedures and steps that consultants should adhere to in implementing consulting agreements, performing consulting duties and carrying out consulting activities from the beginning of contacting tax consulting business to the end of implementing tax consulting plan, and the requirements of acting according to the rules of consulting activities.

Tax consultation (一) Signing an agreement

Except for oral brief answer and free of charge, a tax consulting agreement should be signed with the client. This is a requirement to clarify the respective responsibilities of both parties.

Tax consultation (二) appoint special personnel

After accepting tax consulting, the agent shall appoint relevant personnel with professional competence to provide consulting services for the principal, regardless of whether it is charged.

Tax consultation (三) plan making

Implement all signed tax consulting projects must make tax consulting work plan, make comprehensive work arrangement.

Tax consultation (四) investigation and research

Tax consultants performing all tax consulting tasks must comprehensively and objectively investigate and understand the factual basis related to the consulting items, carefully study the matters that need to be demonstrated, make comprehensive analysis and deliberation on all the collected factual basis, and make consulting conclusions on the basis of comprehensive analysis and full demonstration.

Tax consulting (五) Practice cautiously

Tax consultants should carry out tax consulting business with professional caution and issue tax consulting opinions. Risk should be fully taken into account in all working procedures and all consulting activities, consulting methods, techniques and conclusions, and risks should be paid attention to and assessed at all times during the whole process of consulting, and effective measures should be taken to control risks within an acceptable range.

Tax consulting (六) service for the purpose

Tax consultants shall perform tax consulting tasks and provide consulting services as service providers. In the whole process of consulting, the client shall carry out necessary publicity, guidance and explanation, and put forward suggestions for the implementation or operation of the consulting conclusions, and make whole-process tracking and guidance services for the implementation of the consulting conclusions by the client; If the client does not agree with the consulting conclusion based on objective evidence, it shall communicate with the client to reach consensus. If necessary, help the entrusting party to establish a correct concept of law-abiding, social credit concept, enhance the entrusting party’s sense of social responsibility and mission.

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