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Is the capital verification audit the same?

Auditing capital verification is two concepts

1. The audit

Audit refers to the independent economic supervision activities conducted by the special organs in accordance with the law on the major projects and financial revenues and expenditures of governments at all levels and financial institutions, enterprises and institutions before and after the examination.

Audit is authorized by the state or the entrusted professional institutions and personnel, in accordance with state laws and regulations, audit standards and the accounting theory, USES the method of special fiscal and financial revenues and expenditures of the auditees, operation and management activities and related information the authenticity, accuracy, compliance, legitimacy and profitability of review and supervision and evaluation of economic responsibility, verification of economic business, An independent economic supervision activity for maintaining financial and economic laws and disciplines, improving management and improving economic benefits.

2. The capital verification

Capital verification means that certified public accountants are entrusted in accordance with the law to examine and verify the actual receipt of registered capital or the change of registered capital and the actual receipt of registered capital of the examined entity, and issue a capital verification report. Capital verification includes establishment capital verification and change capital verification. Capital verification is the legal business of certified public accountants. The Law of the People’s Republic of China on Certified Public Accountants clearly lists the capital verification business as one of the legal businesses of certified public accountants. Therefore, enterprises (sole proprietorship enterprises, partnerships and other industrial and commercial registration authorities are not required to submit a capital verification report) before applying for business opening or changing the registered capital, must entrust a certified public accountant to examine the actual receipt or change of its registered capital.