Acting bookkeeping tax returns and financial outsourcing four differences?
What is the difference between acting bookkeeping and financial outsourcing?
Acting bookkeeping tax returns and financial outsourcing four differences?
Find the three main benefits of acting bookkeeping company!
Acting bookkeeping tax returns and financial outsourcing four differences?

Many people are relatively familiar with the bookkeeping tax company, and the financial outsourcing company, but more strange. Compared with the two are also different, today I come to tell you about the difference between Hong Kong bookkeeping company and financial outsourcing, why many contemporary enterprises still want to find bookkeeping company.

There are four main differences between bookkeeping agency and financial outsourcing:

First, different service standards

1, the general bookkeeping company to bookkeeping clear, tax returns as the standard;

2. The main purpose of financial outsourcing is the completion of outsourcing affairs, the improvement of projects, and the optimization and development of corporate finance and taxation.

Second, different service meanings

1, the meaning of the general agency bookkeeping is to save for small early enterprises to hire a financial staff and need to pay wages and related office costs;

2. Financial outsourcing companies not only pursue cost savings, but also help enterprises reduce potential service costs.

3. Different service objects

1, the general agency bookkeeping company’s service object is not to set up accounting institutions and accounting personnel of the enterprise;

2. Financial outsourcing serves a wider range of clients, including not only small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have accounting institutions and accountants, but also large enterprises and even multinational corporations.

Iv. Different service contents

1, the general bookkeeping company provides customers with comprehensive financial processing, including industrial and commercial, banking, taxation, social security, provident fund, etc.

2. Financial outsourcing is mainly separated by financial modules, which can be multiple modules or the financial functions of only one module.

To sum up, Hong Kong bookkeeping agency company is used more extensive because now in the society in the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprises in order to increase income save venture capital so select bookkeeping agency, in addition, bookkeeping agency industry professional degree and reliability of the increasingly perfect, also let more and more companies trust will accounting out, but in the choice, everyone still need to be careful, As far as possible to choose good reputation, large agency bookkeeping company, so that enterprise service is more professional and more secure!