Find the three main benefits of acting bookkeeping company!
Acting bookkeeping tax returns and financial outsourcing four differences?
Find the three main benefits of acting bookkeeping company!
Looking for agency accounting company outside the need to understand the financial knowledge?
Find the three main benefits of acting bookkeeping company!

Find the three main benefits of acting bookkeeping company!

Government regulations

The Ministry of Finance recommends: Since January 1, 2005, the small enterprise within the whole country executes a new “small enterprise accounting system”, small enterprise should according to the need of accounting business, want to set up accounting department orgnization, perhaps set up accounting financial personnel or accounting supervisor personnel in the relevant orgnization, do not have the condition of the company to entrust through the approval of the establishment, Engaged in accounting agency business intermediary agencies to bookkeeping.

Cost saving

Unit set up accounting posts, wage expenses to at least 1500 yuan a month (excluding the “three insurance and one gold”), according to the income level of the unit’s department manager, the salary of the financial person in charge of the high can reach three thousand yuan to five thousand yuan, and find an accounting company, the cost paid has nothing to do with the wage level of the unit, generally 300-1000 yuan. If you look for friends to keep accounts, no matter how much money to pay, generally also take favor, please dinner, etc., work out of the problem is not easy to pursue. There is no such problem to find an acting bookkeeping company.


Unit to find their own accounting or financial personnel (including part-time accounting), in the event of tax evasion tax evasion behavior, I do not take any responsibility accounting, assume all losses to the enterprise, including fines of deferred tax, etc., and find a bookkeeping agency company, can make corresponding provisions in the agency contract, if some bookkeeping agency company due to the issue of new enterprise’s tax return don’t understand, Deferred tax fine, all by the bookkeeping agency company to assume legal responsibility. Many companies and businesses are frequently fined for financial and tax violations. And these situations in the agency bookkeeping company is generally not happening, the agency bookkeeping unit is generally able to independently assume legal responsibility of the legal entity, such as disputes between the two sides, consultation can not be resolved through its superior business department or legal channels to solve, can reduce the economic loss of the unit. The agency accounting unit also has the responsibility of keeping secrets for the unit, such as problems can be investigated for its legal responsibility.

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