What is accounting tax returns
What are the main responsibilities of a financial adviser?
What is accounting tax returns
What kind of bill in acting bookkeeping can do account?
What is accounting tax returns

What is accounting tax returns

A, what is accounting tax returns?

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the company must declare its business situation to the tax bureau every month from 15 working days after its establishment; All companies no matter whether profit, have business to happen, even if do not have income also want to do 0 declare, and the proof of charge to an account that establishs oneself according to company duty wu and operation circumstance.

Two, what are the consequences of abnormal accounting tax returns?

1. Unable to declare industrial and commercial annual report and change business

2. Can’t borrow money to buy a house

3, can not do immigration

4. Can’t get endowment insurance

Tax authorities fined about 2,000 cases

6. Legal persons will be blacklisted, restricted from leaving the country, unable to take high-speed trains and planes

7. If the legal person is monitored, other related companies will also be affected

8, can not enjoy government subsidies

9. No company bank account can be opened

No matter for a long time will lead to company revocation

Three, why choose the “financial company” bookkeeping agency?

1. Accounting work will not be interrupted;

2. Timely and accurate tax declaration

3. The moral character and level of accounting personnel are excellent

4. Cost savings

5, no need to consider accounting personnel housing, medical care, social insurance and relocation, recruitment and other problems; For the cost of one or less than one accountant, you can enjoy the professional services of more than one accountant.

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