What is the significance or impact of asset appraisal on enterprises?
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What is the significance or impact of asset appraisal on enterprises?
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What is the significance or impact of asset appraisal on enterprises?

What is the significance or impact of asset appraisal on enterprises?

Capitalization of bidding rights can make it directly obtain the right to use famous trademarks, and then open the market and expand production and management; Acceptance of trademark investment can also encourage enterprises to use registered trademarks strictly in accordance with the law, improve the level of business management and the quality of goods or services, increase the variety of products and enhance the market competitiveness of their products or services.

The result of asset appraisal is not only an important basis for investment negotiation between investors and investee, but also an objective standard for investee to determine the book value of intangible capital.

1. The need for asset trading.

In the case of transfer, auction, acquisition and licensed use, the value of intangible assets shall be evaluated to provide objective and fair value basis for both parties.

2. Inspire investor confidence.

Intangible assets value determined once the authoritative organization assessment, it will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, exerts a subtle influence on people knowing and accepting it, on the one hand, to promote the rapid growth of the enterprise scale, efficiency and management of dispersing risk, on the other hand can make the financial markets of the value and future development of the enterprise ability is correct, positive understanding, Improve trading opportunities and efficiency with investors.

3, to provide value basis for intangible assets infringement compensation.

After the evaluation of trademark right, in trademark infringement litigation and trademark administrative protection, it is beneficial to quantify the loss caused by counterfeiting infringement and determine the amount of compensation, which not only provides the claim basis for trademark owners to fight counterfeiting and protect their rights, but also helps to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises.

4. Intangible asset evaluation is a means to improve the influence of an enterprise and show its development strength.

With the enterprise image problem gradually by the business community’s attention, through the publicity of famous brand, has become an important way for enterprises to internationalization.

Enterprises have a large number of intangible assets, which create excess profits beyond the general means of production and production conditions, but the value reflected in the book is negligible.

Therefore, the evaluation and publicity of trademark, brand and other assets is an important means to strengthen the corporate image and show the development strength.

5. Increase enterprise cohesion, motivate employees, and enhance brand cohesion.

Brand value should not only convey the health status and development trend of the brand to people outside the company, but more importantly, convey brand information to employees of all levels within the company, cultivate employees’ loyalty to the brand, and achieve the purpose of cohesion.

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