Bookkeeping is not just about saving money
What is the significance or impact of asset appraisal on enterprises?
Bookkeeping is not just about saving money
Why now more and more enterprises will choose part-time or agency bookkeeping?
Bookkeeping is not just about saving money

Bookkeeping is not just about saving money

What is the use of bookkeeping agency? Can you save money for the company? Why don’t you just hire an accountant? Isn’t that more convenient? Today let’s understand the agency bookkeeping industry.

No.1 Regular major

A good bookkeeping company is led by senior accountants, and the configuration of a reasonable structure of the accounting team, they complement each other, cooperate with each other, hire such an bookkeeping company is equal to hire an accountant team.

No.2 Direct cost savings for personnel

Recruit for a job the commonest accountant, monthly basic salary wants 34000 yuan, the accountant that just graduated also needs 2000 or so, charge of accountant of senior accountant, foreign trade and foreign capital is higher. And the cooperation with the financial company, pay less than the cost of a general accounting staff, you can enjoy higher quality, more professional tax services, which is one of the main benefits of bookkeeping. At present, bookkeeping agency service fee standards generally after yuan and lower for a simple verification collection of enterprise, all in all is according to the nature of the enterprise, the scale, industry, business, whether door-to-door service and customer requirements, as well as the level of customer orientation, accounting bookkeeping company, accounting quality, etc.

No.3 Small additional burden on enterprises

Enterprises employ accounting personnel, in addition to wages but also pay pension, unemployment, medical treatment, reserves, childbirth, industrial injury and other social insurance or comprehensive insurance, accidents and labor insurance and a series of labor and employment expenses, some enterprises should consider eating, housing, welfare and so on. After the implementation of the new labor contract law, the requirements for social security are more stringent, as well as various new expenses such as compensation, personnel costs have increased significantly. Hire financial company agent bookkeeping will not exist these problems, no need to pay social security, no need to consider welfare and may occur such as compensation costs and other aspects of the cost. At present, the monthly labor cost of full-time accounting is about 6000 to 10000, while through the agency, the cost only needs less than 1000 yuan, greatly reducing the cost, very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

No.4 is conducive to keeping business secrets

The financial branch is very “special” in the enterprise, can contact a few enterprise management secret! The agency bookkeeping company is the “third party” organization, and the enterprise does not have too much close contact and complex relationship, at the same time, there are industry norms and industry credit constraints, more conducive to the conservative enterprise business secrets.

No.5 Financial work contact

General enterprises attach great importance to the stability of enterprise finance. If the enterprise financial personnel is not stable, work cohesion becomes a problem, not only affect the work, but also spend time and energy to select personnel. Financial company with the strength of the team to ensure that the agency accounting service continuous.

No.6 Tax return timely and accurately

General unit accounting tax declaration such as false report, omission, late report, pay taxes, late fines, fines and other responsibilities and economic losses are still mainly borne by the unit. Agent bookkeeping company has a special person to audit tax returns, can effectively avoid due to unfamiliar with the tax law, false statements, omissions, delays and other errors and losses,

The advantage that chooses agent to keep an account is: namely economy is professional. Mainly reflected in the reduction of employment costs; And accounting formal professional, with full fiscal and tax policies, timely reasonable tax costs such as low operation, if the company has specialized personnel to deal with it, you do not need to find an agent bookkeeping, mainly according to the actual situation of the company to choose.

Bookkeeping company is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, but how to choose is very important!

Finance is the lifeblood of an enterprise! The quality of financial operation is crucial to the development of an enterprise. Therefore, it is the most important thing for an enterprise boss to choose a good financial operation. As small and medium-sized enterprises, the choice of part-time or bookkeeping is also the best choice, but at the time of choice, we must choose the right bookkeeping service institutions. If blindly just look at the price, then I believe that such cooperation will not last!

How should we choose the agency bookkeeping company?

A professional bookkeeping company, not only can save costs for the company, but also can provide professional services, but also meet the requirements of the policy and business needs.

Regular bookkeeping companies are in line with the following characteristics:

1, there is a company’s business license, this is the most basic configuration of the bookkeeping company;

2, have their own fixed office place, preferably a formal office building;

3, the company is fully equipped with staff, such as field accounting, bookkeeping accounting, tax accounting, audit accounting and so on;

4. The company’s financial personnel are highly qualified, generally accountants or certified public accountants with many years of industry experience, familiar with the finance of various industries;

5, software, hardware facilities are complete, such as the company should be equipped with printers, card readers, computers should be installed with financial accounting software, etc.;

6, the industry reputation is better, the choice of bookkeeping company also need company reputation, good reputation of the company, in the tax bureau and industry and commerce for things more smooth, convenient, bad word of mouth bookkeeping company, in the tax bureau and industry and commerce with a black bottom, things are very troublesome, easy to affect the company’s business progress.

Agency bookkeeping company can not be quick

Why does the agency bookkeeping company not make it? There are two main reasons:

(1) Accounting is not quick-fix

Will lead to insufficient experience in accounting business, familiar with accounting reimbursement is only according to the paper do zhang, so in handling accounting business, most likely because of received notes represent specific business is not clear, recorded in the accounting books at random, although does not affect the actual expenses cost of the enterprise, but it will lead to tax risks for the companies.

(2) Professional experience takes time to accumulate

Those who entered the new account company, in the case of not discussing the professional quality of practitioners, at least in the contact experience with industry and commerce, tax and other departments, in solving all kinds of contradictions, problems in practical experience, compared with the senior industry pioneers, there is a huge gap.

To sum up, choosing a reliable financial company is not only about the price, but also about professional qualifications, services and all kinds of software and hardware of the company.

Choose the right agency, you can make your career heyday! Otherwise, it may hinder your career development!

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