Why now more and more enterprises will choose part-time or agency bookkeeping?
Bookkeeping is not just about saving money
Why now more and more enterprises will choose part-time or agency bookkeeping?
Bankruptcy liquidation of the accounting items mainly include what
Why now more and more enterprises will choose part-time or agency bookkeeping?

Why now more and more enterprises will choose part-time or agency bookkeeping?

Whether from the requirements of regulations or the needs of enterprise operation, the financial department is very important for an enterprise. So in some newly established small and micro enterprises, due to their small scale, simple business, is in the initial stage of entrepreneurship will naturally consider the recruitment of an accountant or part-time accountant; For larger enterprises, financial departments are often managed by directly recruiting accountants. So many enterprises do not understand the agency bookkeeping business.

Bookkeeping agency can also be called financial agency. It is understood that many enterprises choose bookkeeping service, not only because bookkeeping service has low cost, service professional outstanding benefits and advantages, but also for other reasons or reasons, even some little-known reasons, or some of the reasons do not attract the attention or attention of enterprise managers. It is explained as follows:

1. Requirements of relevant financial and tax laws and regulations

2. There are certain requirements for the accounting supervisor

Enterprises employ accountants are very careful

4. Tax treatment requires experience

However, the choice of bookkeeping company and what are the advantages?

1, have professional service, and sincere attitude

Agency bookkeeping qualification institutions are approved by the Bureau of Finance, industrial and commercial registration agency bookkeeping institutions, formal integrity and reliability. Good bookkeeping company, there will be a senior accountant led, and the configuration of a reasonable structure of the accounting team, between them professional complementary, mutual cooperation, hire such an bookkeeping company is equal to hire an accountant team. Team strength is always greater than the individual, which is the unique advantage of the agency bookkeeping company. You choose the agency bookkeeping company is to establish a comprehensive financial department for the company.

2, security and confidentiality, abide by the promise

Unit to find their own accounting, in the event of LouJiao tax behavior, the accounting I do not take any responsibility, burden of loss to the company, including deferred tax penalty, bookkeeping for a company, can make the corresponding rules in the agent contract, such as a bookkeeping company produces a fine due to defer taxes, all shall be borne by the unit of account. Some units are often fined for financial and tax violations. And these situations in the agency accounting company is generally not happening, the agency accounting unit is generally able to independently assume legal responsibility of the legal person unit, such as disputes between the two sides, consultation can not be resolved through its superior business department or legal channels to solve, can reduce the economic losses of the unit. The agency accounting unit also has the responsibility of keeping secrets for the unit, such as problems can be investigated for its legal responsibility.

3. Save money

Recruit a general accountant now, monthly charge wants 4000 yuan above, the accountant that just graduated also needs 3000 or so, accountant every month at least 6000 yuan, senior accountant and foreign capital accountant let alone. Cooperate with finance company, pay less than the cost of an accountant, can enjoy more professional service.

4. Financial work will not be interrupted

If the enterprise financial personnel is not stable, work cohesion becomes a problem, not only affect the work, but also spend time and energy to select personnel. Financial company with the strength of the team to ensure that the agency accounting service continuous.

Confidence guarantee, strength double

Acting bookkeeping company or part-time financial and tax personnel generally have many accountants and accountants with rich professional knowledge, can skillfully communicate with the tax authorities, can save valuable time and energy for enterprises, avoid unnecessary fines and misunderstandings. They understand the laws and regulations of local financial departments, and can put forward the most reasonable financial and tax schemes for enterprises to help them develop.

6, tax declaration timely and accurate!

General unit accounting tax declaration such as false report, omission, late report, pay taxes, late fines, fines and other responsibilities and economic losses are still mainly borne by the unit. Bookkeeping company has special audit tax returns, can effectively avoid due to unfamiliar with the tax law, false statements, omissions, delays and other errors and losses, but also in the bookkeeping commission agreement agreed in the relevant responsibility.

7. Keep abreast of national tax and administrative policies

Acting bookkeeping company agency business model involves all walks of life, every day with industry and commerce, tax, banking departments. Be able to know the latest tax and administrative policies at the first time, and provide accurate services according to different business models of enterprises.

8, there are simple to complex, stepped, connected financial services

The choice of financial company bookkeeping, he can accompany the initial start-up of the enterprise to the subsequent development of the enterprise. Rise to higher corporate development trajectory requirements and services. Only in the financial company can the continuity of service.