Company registration and bookkeeping services the same how to distinguish
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Company registration and bookkeeping services the same how to distinguish
Bookkeeping agency simple process and operation methods
Company registration and bookkeeping services the same how to distinguish

Company registration and bookkeeping services the same how to distinguish

Company registration, accounting agency industry mixed, online propaganda true and false difficult to distinguish, if you do not have the ability to identify, it is easy to go astray. To start a business how to choose a good company registration, accounting agency enterprises, many people for the first time have entered the mistake, choice error, bring huge financial and security risks to the enterprise, small businesses are likely to “shut down” what is the mistake that leads us to bring invisible risks? Yongtuo Fuxin accounting firm will introduce it to you.

Mistake one: handling companies ignore professional, bring huge risks to the development of enterprises.

Company registration requires certain planning, before the establishment of planning, name planning, tax planning and so on have a strong professional. Company registration agent industrial and commercial bureau of the scope of business described as an enterprise registration agent, according to the industrial and commercial Bureau registration section of the nuclear name requirements. Bookkeeping agency company, can be a company registered agent that is, the enterprise registration agency as the main business of the company. So now the chaos of the industry, advertising companies are also engaged in the business of enterprise registration agents. Never mind whether these companies are operating beyond their scope. First of all, the main business of advertising companies should be the design, production and release of advertising. And the company registered half a dime of the relationship are not, such a company to give you a registered company, he even his own company’s name, business scope can not plan, let alone can help you do tax planning and tax, tax avoidance. When you are clearly advertising based company, give you a registered trading company; You obviously is a company that sells products primarily, register a business consulting company for you. That leaves you with a huge potential for failure.

1, your customers do not know what you are doing, think you are neither fish nor fish, want to find you to buy products feel you are a consulting company is not professional to give up, want to find you to do consulting, think you are a trading company, feel is a liar company, deliberately confused customers.

2, all kinds of main business of the company tax office tax is not the same. The registered main business of the company and the actual main business is not consistent with this kind of company is easier to be tax monitoring and inspection, punishment. Bring more potential risks to the company. Business owners will struggle with tax checks, investigations and penalties. There is no time for good business.

3, a lot of cheater companies in order to hide, is registered into this situation, more and more people can see through this is a cheater company. Even if your company is not a fraud company, it is easy for your customers to mistake it for a fraud company. So how can we expect business to flourish? Long-term development?

Misunderstanding two, first to register the company so just register, ignore the accounting agent.

In fact, more should be accounting agency, bookkeeping professional, quality of service as a serious choice of prerequisite. The following two types of companies :(bookkeeping company, enterprise management company) are registered as the main business of the company, should find what kind of company registered?

1, the establishment of the agency bookkeeping company requires the finance Bureau to issue the agency bookkeeping license, but the establishment of the general enterprise management company is not needed. Bookkeeping agency license must be equipped with and meet the requirements of the bureau of finance accounting, accounting personnel requirements, so the personnel of the company, more can do the necessary for the establishment of the enterprise planning, to help customers in the enterprise will know the company before the establishment of tax, tax, tax matters needing attention, and to avoid financial risk.

2, the service of the company’s registered is one, but the company bookkeeping agency is a long-term, or even a lifetime, now the price of the company’s registered basically were similar, because a lot of people often registered price of a little bit of gap, and the wrong choice, bookkeeping agency did not consider the long-term service quality and performance. Many companies are set up with unlicensed companies to file tax returns, or these companies are sold cheaply to qualified companies. Some companies even recruit some inexperienced graduates, interns or guerrillas to accept orders at a low price and deal with poor accounting, burying all kinds of risks. Finally let the enterprise bear the burden. How to support quality service? Ultimately, it leaves the company with all kinds of financial risks. It’s too late to fix the damage to the company’s long-term growth.