Bookkeeping agency simple process and operation methods
Company registration and bookkeeping services the same how to distinguish
Bookkeeping agency simple process and operation methods
The new company bookkeeping tax common problems?
Bookkeeping agency simple process and operation methods

Bookkeeping agency simple process and operation methods

Today, Yongtuo Fuxin accounting firm will share with you the simple bookkeeping process and operation methods:

A, agency bookkeeping process

1. Accept entrustment and sign financial outsourcing agency bookkeeping contracts.

2, pick up tickets

At that time, the customer will send the monthly bookkeeping bills to our company, or our company will arrange field accountants to collect the monthly bookkeeping bills at the designated place of the customer, and make preliminary collation of the bills. For the newly established customers who have never done financial accounting work, we will help them: open accounting accounts, establish accounting system;

Prepare accounting entries according to the legal original vouchers provided by customers (refer to: purchase and sales invoices, warehousing receipt, material receipt, remittance and inward receipt receipt and other financial receipts and payments documents, relevant economic contracts, etc.); Bookkeeping and closing; Prepare accounting statements.

3, do zhang

Complete set of financial services: document – audit – bookkeeping – financial statements – tax returns.

4, declare dutiable goods

There are special personnel responsible for tax declaration work, from the 1st to the 15th of each month for tax declaration services, in accordance with the requirements of the financial and tax departments to prepare and print monthly accounting statements, mainly including “balance sheet”, “income statement”, “main tax details”; “Various tax returns.”

Two, matters needing attention

1, bookkeeping practitioners should abide by the entrusted units signed “bookkeeping business agreement” in the agreement, in the entrusted unit to provide the necessary conditions under the premise of the specified time according to the agreed quality and quantity to complete bookkeeping business;

2, bookkeeping agency staff are in the process of its bookkeeping agency business that entrust unit information, and access to, or form of accounting information, etc., in addition to the laws and regulations, without the written authorization to entrust unit, under no circumstances shall provide and disclosure, shall not be used for purposes of has nothing to do with the bookkeeping agency business, may not seek dishonest gain for themselves or others;

3, undertaking agency bookkeeping business must be uniformly accepted by the agency bookkeeping institutions, according to the price department of the city’s standard charge agency fees, and signed with the entrusted unit “agency bookkeeping business agreement”. Bookkeeping agents shall not undertake business in the name of individuals or collect fees without authorization.