The new company bookkeeping tax common problems?
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The new company bookkeeping tax common problems?
The difference between financial accounting and tax accounting
The new company bookkeeping tax common problems?

The new company bookkeeping tax common problems?

With the growth of social economy, surely this makes everyone who just started a business feel headache. Every entrepreneur wants to have a universal box, touch all kinds of problems can be found in the box to deal with the system, so that the path of entrepreneurship on fewer twists and turns and obstacles.

First yongtuo fuxin Accounting firm first talk about the self-employed and the company, these two people tangled words.

1. Company?

The term “company” refers to an ordinary, legally established, profit-making enterprise legal person with independent legal person property. A company, or enterprise, is a concept opposed to a business.

2. Self-employed?

Individual households are also called individual industrial and commercial households. “Individual industrial and commercial households Regulations” delimit: citizens who have operation ability, comply with the regulations through the department registration of industrial and commercial administration bureau, and dispose of industrial and commercial operations, are individual industrial and commercial households.

3. How to choose when registering?

In fact, more than half of the self-employed in China are reserved entrepreneurs rather than chance entrepreneurs. That is to say, they can only be employed by themselves, their own retention, self-employment, do not have the function of cultivating business opportunities, they are bare-handed rise from the self-employed. So self-employed is only suitable for small operation, no long-term growth of entrepreneurs. Although if you want to long-term growth, it will be better to choose the company, the company can be strong, the corresponding operation scale and customer groups than the self-employed to throughout.

4、In terms of taxation, some people say that self-employed people do not seem to have to pay so much tax.

Actually pay taxes a number of a lot of, it is according to the operation of the state of choice, and registered is the company is still self-employed and did not concern, self-employed also can become the same common taxpayer, and the company can also be so small-scale taxpayer.

Let’s take a look at the collection of self-employed:

There are three kinds of collection system for the self-employed:

Individual industrial and commercial households should establish accurate account books according to local tax demarcation, and stop accounting.

Individual industrial and commercial households with sound account verification and accurate accounting shall be subject to partial tax audit and collection;

For individual industrial and commercial households with small scale of consumption operation and no ability to set up accounts, the tax administration shall partially impose a fixed amount on them on schedule;

For individual industrial and commercial households with certain meteorological conditions, local tax authorities shall have the right to examine and approve the amount of tax payable and implement the examination and approval collection.

Say self-employed also should pay tax so, see not case, individual industrial and commercial door cannot apply for value added tax to be 17% value added tax bill, can apply for small-scale taxpayer 3% only. Limited companies can apply for 17% of the usual taxpayer VAT invoices.

So is it better to register the company? Of course not! For example, you want to operate a small restaurant, a small coffee shop, a small milk tea shop, etc., which is suitable for registered self-employed. If you want to do commercial business, the likelihood involves cross area business, business scale is larger, registered company is more appropriate. Registered company in the future, conducive to the growth of business to the new market, especially on the Internet to stop business, its trust, promise than ego high, growth of new customers at will. Position and choose future goals.