Acting bookkeeping and full-time accounting which is more suitable for enterprises?
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Acting bookkeeping and full-time accounting which is more suitable for enterprises?
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Acting bookkeeping and full-time accounting which is more suitable for enterprises?

Acting bookkeeping and full-time accounting which is more suitable for enterprises?

Enterprises in the 15 days after getting business license will begin to set up accounts, recruit a professional accountant to do accounts for the enterprise. But now the direct recruitment of professional accounting is not an independent choice, because bookkeeping has become a new industry. Some enterprises in tangle, in the end is the choice of bookkeeping or choose their own full-time accounting bookkeeping? Yongtuo fuxin accounting firm will come back for you to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of bookkeeping and their own bookkeeping, I hope to help you refer to suggestions.

Above all we should understand the concept of charge to an account and basic requirement, charge to an account is the original proof that according to examine and verify without error according to the country is unified according to the accounting system that the bookkeeping law that appoints economy business sequence when, classified registers in bookkeeping book. There are probably two ways to keep accounts at present, one is to recruit full-time accounting is responsible for accounting, and the other is to find a company or individual bookkeeping agent, the bookkeeping business outsourcing.

Professional accounting advantages:

① Dedicated person, convenient communication

(2) In addition to bookkeeping, you can also pay wages and social security and other services

Disadvantages of full-time accounting:

For small companies, the cost of full-time accounting is high and there is the risk of information leakage and turnover changes that lead to work interruption.

Bookkeeping agency advantages:

(1) Save personnel direct cost, a bookkeeping accounting agent cost in 300 yuan/month

② Can realize professional, standardized service, rich operation experience

③ Not affected by personnel changes, timely declaration

(4) Good security and confidentiality

Disadvantages of agency bookkeeping:

Agency bookkeeping company is intermingled with good and bad, if unqualified. It can lead to financial chaos or not timely bonded, which is very damaging to the company.

In conclusion, compared with full-time accounting, bookkeeping agency in professional, cost saving, confidentiality and other aspects, more advantages. For the early development of small-scale enterprises, if the bookkeeping has the task of outsourcing to the agency bookkeeping company, more convenient and saving. Wait until later period development rises, can hire a full-time accountant.

So choose the agency bookkeeping company we should start from where?

① Have business license and agency license

(2) Financial software with financial bureau for record

③ There are fixed office space and equipment

(4) whether the personnel structure is reasonable, such as field, accounting, audit accounting, etc

(5) the general head of the account is generally highly qualified accountants or certified public accountants with many years of industry experience, familiar with various industries.

⑥ Is the charging mechanism reasonable?

Screening professional and reliable Hong Kong bookkeeping companies need to consider many factors, more time-consuming and laborious, there is no control of the risk.  The simplest way is to choose a large scale, large platform, good reputation bookkeeping company to minimize the risk, do not make the wrong choice because the price is low.