What are the advantages of bookkeeping agency?
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What are the advantages of bookkeeping agency?

What are the advantages of bookkeeping agency?

Hong Kong bookkeeping is now small and medium-sized enterprises more popular financial management, because professional account services can not only save costs, but also provide professional services, but also meet the requirements of the policy and business needs. So what are the advantages of bookkeeping, Hong Kong accounting firm to help you sort out these, please see:

1. Cost savings

According to the financial system requirements, the general enterprise financial personnel set up three, one cashier, two accountants. Entrust accounting company to act as agent after keeping an account, the enterprise needs to set a cashier only, reduced two accountant, and our agent collect fees often not as good as the wage charge of a financial personnel.

2. Professional service

Some units are often fined for violating fiscal and tax regulations. Agent accounting companies generally have more understanding of fiscal and tax laws and regulations, accounting personnel professional knowledge, experience, and can timely grasp the relevant policy changes, and these are general accounting can not do.

3. Security and confidentiality

Unit to find their own accounting (including part-time accounting), such as improper use of persons, lax supervision, financial personnel easy to collude fraud, and to grasp the business secrets of blackmail, and choose the accounting company can be through the agency contract to protect the rights and interests of operators, to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon.

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