Why should enterprises choose agency bookkeeping?  Is it as simple as saving money?
Is the capital verification audit the same?
Why should enterprises choose agency bookkeeping?  Is it as simple as saving money?
What is the difference between acting bookkeeping and financial outsourcing?

Many people feel that bookkeeping is not their own company’s accounting is not very secure, but the bookkeeping industry is also developing with the expansion of the market, now the development of bookkeeping industry is still more mature, many enterprises will choose bookkeeping, Today yongtuo Fu Sen accounting firm for just entrepreneurial companies and not very understanding of bookkeeping friends to share the choice of bookkeeping what are the benefits? Why so many enterprises will choose agency bookkeeping?

1, formal professional

Agency bookkeeping qualification institutions are approved by the Bureau of Finance, industrial and commercial registration agency bookkeeping institutions, formal and reliable. A good bookkeeping company is led by senior accountants, and the configuration of a reasonable structure of the accounting team, they complement each other, cooperate with each other, hire such an bookkeeping company is equal to hire an accountant team. Yongtuo Fusen accounting firm has its own professional accounting team, to provide customers with professional, efficient bookkeeping services, to help you solve all kinds of difficult tax problems!

2, save personnel direct cost

Recruit an ordinary accountant, monthly basic salary wants three thousand four thousand yuan, just graduated accountant also needs about three thousand yuan, accountant every month at least five thousand yuan, senior accountant, foreign trade accountant and foreign capital accountant cost is higher. If you find a professional bookkeeping company, it is necessary to pay the cost of less than a general accounting staff, you can enjoy higher quality, more professional tax services, which is one of the main benefits of bookkeeping, this is really very mind the cost for enterprises.

3. Small additional burden of enterprises

Enterprises employ accounting personnel, in addition to wages but also pay pension, unemployment, medical treatment, reserves, childbirth, industrial injury and other social insurance or comprehensive insurance, accidents and labor insurance and a series of labor and employment expenses, some enterprises should consider eating, housing, welfare and so on. After the implementation of the new labor contract law, the requirements for social security are more stringent, as well as various new expenses such as compensation, personnel costs have increased significantly. Hire financial company agent bookkeeping will not exist these problems, no need to pay social security, no need to consider welfare and may occur such as compensation costs and other aspects of the cost.

4, easy to keep business secrets

The financial department is very “special” in the enterprise, can contact a few enterprise management secrets!! The agency bookkeeping company is the “third party” organization, and the enterprise does not have too much close contact and complex relationship, at the same time, there are industry norms and industry credit constraints, more conducive to the conservative enterprise business secrets.

5. Financial work will not be interrupted

Every month of the enterprise is the need to timely accounting tax returns, so the financial department of the general enterprise is required to have stability. If the enterprise financial personnel is not stable, work cohesion becomes a problem, not only affect the work, but also spend time and energy to select personnel. Bookkeeping company is composed of professional bookkeeping team, even if there is a separation phenomenon will not cause too much impact, but will not affect the financial problems of the bookkeeping company.

6. Timely and accurate tax declaration

General unit accounting tax declaration such as false report, omission, late report, pay taxes, late fines, fines and other responsibilities and economic losses are still mainly borne by the unit. Agency bookkeeping company has a special audit tax returns, can effectively avoid due to unfamiliar with the tax law, false statements, missing statements, late statements and other errors and losses, each link of the agency bookkeeping has a full-time staff copy, greatly reducing the error rate.

After understanding the advantages of bookkeeping do not feel really good? Of course, enjoy good service is bound to find a regular company.