Q: How long is to process a trademark registration?
It varies with each country and region, for example, 4-8 months in Hong Kong and 12-18 months in China. Generally, it takes 4-24 months to process.
Q: What information is required for trademark registration?
It varies with each country and region. Generally, applicant’s identity documents, application form and trademark image are required.
Q: Can the registration be renewed?


Yes. Generally, the validity period of a renewed trademark is 10 years.
Q: What are the differences between the packaging and presentation of commodity and trademark?
A: Trademark is part of the packaging and presentation of commodity; both of them are used in the packaging of the commodity. While trademark is to differentiate the producers or operator of commodity from another, presentation is to beautify commodity. A registered trademark cannot be altered, but the design style of a presentation is free to change.
Q: Does transferring trademark need an agreement?
Yes. It requires an application form and a trademark assignment contract, which are signed by the assignor and the assignee.
Q: What are the principles on the basis of trademark protection?
The adopted principles vary with each country and region. Currently, the 3 principles adopted internationally are prior use, prior application, and both of aforementioned.
Q: What is the validity period of a trademark?


It is 10 years in most countries and regions, except few, such as Canada (15 years) and Macau (7 years).
Q: Can an individual apply for trademark registration?


Yes. Applicant can be either corporation or individual.
FAQs of Trademark Application 1

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