As your trusted business process outsourcing partner, we are committed to providing you the accounting support you need.

Proper management of day-to-day finance operations can be tedious, but it is essential for the success of a business. Working with us will put your mind at ease, because all those functions will be handled discreetly by our capable and reliable team of accounting professionals.

Furthermore, your management and executive teams need access to prompt, timely, reliable and useful financial information on which to base important decisions concerning the management of the business and planning for its future. We will ensure they receive it.

We will help you gain peace of mind by handling all your repetitive and tedious daily accounting functions, leaving you and your team free to focus on more important strategic roles and decisions. We are committed to helping you keep abreast of your financial performance, meeting your financial reporting requirements and deadlines, and – most importantly – complying with the latest accounting standards and regulations.

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Our experienced and professional accounting team offers flexibility in our services tailored to our individual client’s requirements. The assignments that we carry out may be ongoing or on a project basis. Accounting functions are performed either at client’s place of business or in our own offices. We undertake extensive practical and technical assistance covering all aspects of the financial and accounting functions, including:

  • Arrange temporary secondment of our accounting professionals to assist during the busy period or to cover temporary staff shortages
  • Maintain accounting records for cashbook, receipts, payments and general ledger
  • Prepare management accounts on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis
  • Carry out reviews to ensure the appropriateness of accounting, payment and receipt transactions
  • Implementation of accounting systems
  • Review and recommend on improvements on existing systems of internal controls
  • Preparation of accounting manuals

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