All limited companies incorporated in Hong Kong are required to have an audit except for the companies declared as dormant. Auditors are required under the Companies Ordinance, and other laws applicable to certain regulated industries, to audit company’s financial statements annually and to ensure that they comply with reporting requirements. Our service lines are developed to meet ever changing business needs and expectations. As businesses grow more complex, speed of change is essential.

We do not treat an audit as a commodity, but as a business and system consultancy. With the combination of our powerful technology and extensive industry knowledge of our clients’ organisations, we are able to deliver insights and ideas on both the financial and business aspects. We can provide management proposal in which to list out the existing critical problems, with improvement plan, references and suggestions, if required.

Process of Auditing

  • Draft the auditing plans to ensure the auditing targets
  • Understand and comment on the internal controlling system of enterprise
  • Gather and record or copy relevant information
  • Compliance testing and comment on the result
  • Substantive control and comment on the result
  • Draft auditing report and forward to the company being audited

Our partners and staff provide efficient, effective and high quality services to a wide range of clients portfolio. Our audit approach is to gain a complete and comprehensive understanding of our clients operations, documenting the system, leading to an evaluation of its effectiveness. Our practice is able to provide recommendations to management for improving internal control systems and operating procedures on completion of our audit.

Audit and Assurance Services 1

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