The Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) required all listed companies to comply with the amended Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide (ESG Guide) with effect from 1st January 2016. Stepping into the year of 2018, not only should companies confront the new challenge of disclosing environmental key performance indicators in their reports, a more comprehensive and high-quality ESG reporting is an inexorable trend across all industries.

To promote the sustainability business development that can satisfy different objectives of our clients, we provides customised service packages that are tailored to the needs. Through a collaborative, reciprocal and rewarding process by engaging our clients into selected ESG reporting service, we envisage a sustainable, resilient and reliable business future for our clients to strive for excellence.

We provide guidance on ESG-related data collection, identify ways of improvement on data reporting, advise on the development of reporting framework, assist in drafting the content of ESG report in compliance with HKEx ESG Reporting Guide and with reference to the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines to ensure that the expectations of stakeholders are addressed.

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