Financial Due Diligence: We analyse and evaluate the current profitability, financial situation and cash flow conditions of the target business, and perform reasonable analysis of earnings forecast in the course of the deal. We also provide and insight into the business, legal and tax environment of the destination country, and review and analyse the holding structure of the investee or its parent company.

We match our due diligence procedures to your specific needs. First, we will understand your investment, your objectives and your needs. We will then assist you in the entire transaction process and design due diligence procedures to meet these objectives. We often execute a wide range of due diligence activities, providing integrated services to our clients. The integrated due diligence approach efficiently delivers a number of clear benefits:

  • A comprehensive and consistent set of results
  • An easy-to-use report which can seamlessly feed into the investment evaluation process
  • A reduced project management effort, and therefore greater focus on the deal at stake
  • Collaboration with firm abroad for highest efficiency and quality for complex overseas M&A projects
Hong Kong and overseas due diligence 1

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