Offshore company is a legal entity, being protected by specific legislation which guarantees a status of partial or full tax exemption. Most international banks accept this kind of company formation and provide bank account opening and financial operation services.

Offshore company is generally used for the purpose of tax planning, acting as a holding company, and offshore listing, etc.

Advantages of Offshore Company

  • Provide privacy protection, without disclosing the identity of shareholders and directors
  • No tax declaration or collection
  • Free from foreign exchange controls
  • No registered capital required
  • Chinese characters in company name allowed
  • No submission of annual return, audit report and financial statement required
  • Increase enterprise image and easier for financing

Use of Offshore Company

  • Tax planning
  • Acting as a holding company
  • International trade
  • Investment
  • Offshore listing

In order to meet different demands from clients, we are providing the following Offshore company incorporation service

  • BVI Company
  • Cayman Islands Company
  • Seychelles Company
Formation of Offshore Company 1

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