Hong Kong Taxation

With a seasoned team of qualified professionals, our service pledge to clients is to deliver the best service to satisfy their needs. We understand that tax issues and compliance are of vital concern to individuals and businesses. We aim to be able to take a load off our clients’ mind by offering them complete solutions. We understand our clients’ businesses and are acquainted with new developments of the local tax framework to give our clients up to date and comprehensive support.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of Profits Tax computations and filing of Tax Returns for corporate and individual clients
  • Provision of Profits Tax and Salaries Tax planning
  • Representing individual and corporate clients to deal with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) on tax investigation and field audit cases
  • Application to the IRD for Advance Tax Rulings
  • Advisory on Transfer Pricing rules

China Taxation

In the current tax system, China’s taxation includes taxation on turnover (including value added tax, consumption tax, business tax and customs duty), taxation on profits/income (including corporate income tax for enterprises with foreign investment and foreign enterprises, and individual income tax), taxation on property and deeds (including real estate tax, contract tax and stamp duty), and taxation on natural resources (including resources tax), which are respectively in relation to different objects of taxation.

Moreover, China’s taxation can be categorised into central taxation, local taxation, as well as local & central sharing taxation, in terms of revenue attribution and collection jurisdiction, according to which, the tax preferences and tax rates enjoyed by different corporations are always different.

Our tax professionals experienced with many years of domestic taxation handling are proficient in the assessment of tax risks of investment projects, for clients. They can provide tax planning and consulting which suitable to a company’s operating program, solve relevant tax issues for clients who are operating in mainland China, and help foreign staff process their individual income tax, and other services. By virtue of our tax consulting service, corporations served by us will have a greater competitive edge.

Our Services Include:

  • Long-Term Tax Advisory
  • Application and Advisory for Tax Preferences
  • Tax Declaration
  • Individual Income Tax Declaration for Foreigners
  • Tax Planning of Fixed Assets
  • Customs Duty and Goods Tax Advisory
  • Domestic Investment Structure Assessment
  • Transfer Pricing Service
  • Provision of the Latest China Taxation Ordinances, Amendment of Rules and Regulations, as well as Practice Bylaw Materials.
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