Expert declassification: why 95% enterprises choose bookkeeping agency rather than financial outsourcing
The necessity of choosing a regular bookkeeping agency company!
Expert declassification: why 95% enterprises choose bookkeeping agency rather than financial outsourcing
Enterprises entrust acting accounting accounts – enterprise accounting accounts – accounting company acting accounts
Expert declassification: why 95% enterprises choose bookkeeping agency rather than financial outsourcing

Expert declassification: why 95% enterprises choose bookkeeping agency rather than financial outsourcing

Every company needs finance to help deal with everything about bookkeeping and tax payment, which requires a professional person to serve. Generally, many start-up companies or small and medium-sized enterprises will find non-company personnel to deal with it, which can reduce costs. There are two kinds of financial services on the market, bookkeeping and financial outsourcing, so what is the difference between these two kinds? Why more than 95% only look for agency bookkeeping companies?

We all know that bookkeeping agents and financial outsourcing they are responsible. As outsourcing services take off, “financial outsourcing” appears more and more frequently in front of the public. Customers can not help but ask, is also to provide financial services, financial outsourcing and bookkeeping agency what is the difference? So today yongtuo Fu Xin accounting firm will tell you the difference between the two.

First, they have different service objects

The service object of agency accounting is the enterprise or unit that has no accounting organization and accountant mainly. This is common in many small and medium-sized businesses.

Financial service outsourcing not only includes small and medium-sized enterprises without accounting institutions and accountants, but also includes large enterprises and even multinational corporations.

Two, the two service content is different

Bookkeeping agency service content is the demand side of the overall account processing, billing and tax.

The service content of financial outsourcing can not only be comprehensive financial outsourcing, but also one or several financial modules (such as general ledger accounting, current account management, salary management, tax declaration, etc.), as well as one or several financial functions. Outsourcing (e.g. cashier, bookkeeping, financial analysis, etc.)

Three, the two service effect is different

The service effect of agency bookkeeping is to save labor costs.

Financial outsourcing not only brings about such cost savings, but also enables companies to reduce potential risks and achieve high performance. For example, professional financial outsourcing services can provide all kinds of tax planning suggestions for enterprises to reduce the tax burden of enterprises; If financial outsourcing can introduce some tools of management accounting, it can provide reliable data analysis for enterprise decision-making.

When seeking third-party financial services, enterprises should recognize the similarities and differences between accounting and financial outsourcing, carefully identify their own needs, and look for appropriate financial services. Only in this way, through the reasonable arrangement of professional financial companies, enterprises can achieve high performance on the basis of reducing financial operating costs.

Bookkeeping by proxy has become familiar to many companies. Which companies are looking for financial agents? In fact, bookkeeping services are all about small and medium enterprises. According to incomplete statistics, more than 95% of Small and medium-sized enterprises in China will choose to outsource their finance to the bookkeeping agency and return the bookkeeping company to their own company. The management of comprehensive or partial financial work can not only save the company’s cost, but also standardize the company’s financial management and avoid certain risks.

So, why are smes looking for financial accounting services?

Bookkeeping agency is a financial solution in the early stage of entrepreneurship. Looking for a bookkeeping agent has the following advantages:

1. Save money. In the early days, hiring and payroll costs for independent accounting departments were much higher than bookkeeping costs. Bookkeeping basically does the accounting and tax reporting for a company.

2. Stable financial personnel, highly professional and stable financial work. In the early days, full-time accountants have a lot of turnover, which can easily lead to accounting confusion and unpredictable tax risks and losses. Accountants are stable and professional.

3. Excellent professional quality. Bookkeeping agency company personnel are basically more than a few years of work experience, of which the core business is the agency bookkeeping, all accountants attention every day new fiscal and taxation policies, accounting standards for in-depth discussion, learn from each other, more specialized than general accountant, fiscal and taxation policies, timely to do accounting work, to do tax planning, reduce the tax risk.